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Code of practice, set of rules in english, SP in english


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SP 44.13330.2011

Administrative and residential buildings

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SP 45.13330.2012

Earth structures, bases and foundations

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SP 46.13330.2012

Bridges and pipes

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SP 47.13330.2012

Engineering survey for construction. Basic principles

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SP 48.13330.2012

Organization of construction

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SP 5.13130.2009

Fire protection systems. Automated fire alarm and fire extinguishing installations. Design norms and regulations

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SP 50.13330.2012

Buildings Heat Insulation. Updated living edition of SNiP 23-02-2003

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SP 50-101-2004

Design and construction of soil bases and foundations for buildings and structures

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SP 50-102-2003

Design and construction of soil bases and foundations for buildings and structures

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SP 51.13330.2011

Noise protection and rooms acoustics.

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SP 52.13330.2011

Natural and artificial lighting

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SP 52-101-2003, Reference Materials

Manual for the design of concrete and reinforced concrete structures made ​​of heavy concrete without prestressing reinforcement

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SP 52-101-2003

Concrete and reinforced concrete structures without prestressing

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SP 52-102-2004

Pre-stressed concrete structures

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SP 53.13330.2012

Planing and occupation of territories of gardening (country’s) unions of citizens, buildings and erections

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SP 53-101-98

Steelworks production and quality control. Production and quality control of steel structures

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SP 53-102-2004

General rules for steel structure design

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SP 54.13330.2011

Multicompartment residential buldings

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SP 55.13330.2011

Sindle-family houses

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SP 56.13330.2011

Industrial buildings

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Russian GOST and SNIP
standards in English

GOSTPEREVOD is your source for Russian industry codes and standards both in Russian language and translated into English. Our own qualified staff of technical translators can offer high quality translations of standards, codes and regulations. We guarantee that the standards and translations from our site include all changes and corrections which are adopted at the moment.

Our collection includes GOST and GOST R standards (national standards of the Russian Federation) as well as Russian and CIS countries standards and technical regulations for all major industries, including Building Codes (SNiP, SN, GESN), Industry Codes and Safety Rules (RD, PB), Sanitation Regulations (SanPiN, GN, SP), Fire Codes (NPB, PPB), norms, instructions, procedures, cost estimate standards, Uzbek and Russian federal and regional legislation and many others.

Please request the types you need and our consultants will help you to find the documents.

Our qualified staff of technical translators can offer professional and affordable translation of the standards and technical regulations from Russian into English language. You will be satisfied with accurate and high quality translations provided by our most qualified and trained translators. Quality management system of our company is certified according to the standard ISO 9001.

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