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GOST R ISO 7207-2-2005

Implants for surgery. Components for partial and total knee joint prostheses. Part 2. Articulating surfaces made of metal, ceramic and plastics materials

Document status: Active

GOST 32367-2013

Testing of chemicals of environmental hazard. Daphnia magna Reproduction Test

Document status: Active

GOST R 53296-2009

Fire fighting lifts placing. Requirements of fire safety

Document status: Active

GOST 27570.44-92

Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. Particular requirements for tumbler dryers and test methods

Document status: Withdrawn

GOST R 22.8.04-96

Safety in emergencies. Technical washing means for people disinfection. Disinfection shower unit. General technical requirements

Document status: Active

GOST 32629-2014

Testing of chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. Fat solubility of solid and liquid substances. Flask method

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 28927-2-2012

Mechanical vibration. Evaluation of vibration emission of hand-held power tools. Part 2. Wrenches, nutrunners and screwdrivers

Document status: Active

GOST 12.4.113-82

Occupational safety standards system. Laboratory study work. General technical requirements

Document status: Active

GOST 31869-2012

Water. Methods for the determination of cations (ammonium, barium, potassium, calcium, lithium, magnesium, sodium, strontium) content using capillary electrophoresis

Document status: Active

GOST R 50723-94

Laser safety. General requirements for development and operation the laser products

Document status: Cancelled

GOST R 54627-2011

Agricultural ruminant animals. Methods of laboratory helminthology diagnostics

Document status: Active

GOST R 22.2.02-2015

Safety in emergencies. Emergency risk management. Emergency risk assessment as part of development of capital construction project documentation

Document status: Active