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Search field is in the top left of your screen. The search options allow finding the results containing all the words which are typed in the search field. If you have any problems with searching the required standard please contact immediately our on-line consultants (right bottom corner of our website) or our Customer support service and they can help you to find what is required.

Type only number of the standard without a year.

For example: you are searching for ASTM G133-05(2016) - so you have to type ASTM G133 in search filed.

We are constantly updating website and old links may not work.

In this case you have to go to search panel in order to find the standard that you need or contact us in web-chat for support. Our Customer Support Team will immediately help you to find what you need.

IMPORTANT NOTE: searching in Russian version is made only by Russian names (for example: ГОСТ 34347) and searching in English version is made only by English names (for example: GOST 34347).

Product Details

The Details button allows to open the page showing more information regarding a particular document. Here you will find the document number, title, description, prices, page count, status (validity), format, delivery information and any comments concerning the document.

Before ordering, please check the status of document. Current documents are the standards only with the status "ACTIVE". The status "REPLACED" means that the document is replaced with another standard. The status "WITHDRAWN" means that the document is cancelled or superseded.

Please note the delivery time information (English/Russian version) since not all standards provided at website are available in English version for immediate delivery. The delivery time indicated as maximum and normally it takes less time for translation. 

The prices are given separately for English and Russian versions of the standards.

Please select the version you need before adding the document to the cart.

Your Cart Contents

The Cart page shows you all the standards you have selected and placed in the shopping cart during your current online session. Shopping cart contains the name of the standard, file format (PDF), delivery period (in business days) and price in US dollars. You can delete documents from your shopping cart by clicking Remove item in the row of the document you want to delete. To add documents to your shopping cart please use the search field.

Checkout and Payment

After you have added all required standards to the Shopping Cart it will be necessary to fill in mandatory fields in the Personal Information section:

* First name:

* Last name:

* Email Address:

* Mobile phone number:

* Street Address:

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* State/Province:

* Zip/Postal Code:


VAT number:

The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory for filling.

If you want to reflect Company name and VAT number in invoice it is also necessary to fill them.

If you are a new Customer please select “Create an account”.

In this case you have to set a password and to confirm set password which you want to have for your account.

After that, please select suitable Payment Method and press “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button.

If you are already a registered Customer so in order to add standards to your Shopping Cart you have to enter your account with your E-mail and Password. After that, you have to add required standards to the Shopping Cart, select Payment Method and press “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button.

After pressing “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button you’ll be redirected to secured page of Yandex.Money* (Yandex Checkout**) for payment. The content of the payment page depends on selected payment method.

You shall follow the instructions and fill all necessary fields.

*Yandex.Money is a big Russian IT company working with electronic payments on the Internet, creating and supporting financial services for individuals and businesses.

**Yandex.Checkout is the service for accepting online payments for businesses, it was designed and launched by Yandex.Money in 2013.

Payment Methods

Please note that our internal currency exchange rate is: 1 USD = 85 RUB. You can pay your order using one of the following payment options:

  • Credit card (Visa, MasterСard, Maestro, МИР, JCB, Diners Club, American Express, Google Pay) - we accept all mentioned cards only with 3D security. Customer can pay maximum $3 570 (250 000 RUB) at a time, and $7 140 (500 000 ₽) per month with one credit card.
  • Apple Pay - works only if the order is made in Safari (with iPhone, iPad or Mac). Customer can pay maximum $3 570 (250 000 RUB) at a time, and $7 140 (500 000 RUB) per month with one credit card.
  • WeChat Pay - customer scans QR code generated at website by phone. Maximum $10 000 per one purchase or $20 000 per day for one Customer.
  • Yandex.Money - limits: anonymous wallet $210 (15 000 RUB), registered wallet $855 (60 000 RUB), identified wallet $8 570 (600 000 RUB) per day, $42 850 (3 000 000 RUB) per month.
  • WebMoney - one-time limit makes $855 (60 000 RUB).
  • QIWI Wallet - one-time limit makes $3 570 (250 000 RUB).
  • Sberbank Online - Mobile bank (by sms) $140 (10 000 RUB) per day, Sberbank Online (in internet bank) $7 140 (500 000 RUB) per day. In order to pay more than $1 425 (100 000 RUB) per day it is necessary to call to Sberbank and to confirm the transaction.
  • Alfa-Click - one-time limit makes $2 850 (200 000 RUB).
  • Tinkoff - Up to $7 140 (500 000 RUB).

Payment of the order by bank transfer is only available for orders exceeding $3 000 in total. All bank transfer payments incur a fee of 30 USD.

Please send your written request with full company and bank details for preparation of the invoice at

Our bank details

Please take a note that our bank details for bank transfer payments are as follows:

For making bank transfers in RUB

Beneficiary Name: TRACE LLC
Account Number: 4070 2810 2380 0006 5762 (RUB)
Correspondent account number: 3010 1810 4000 0000 0225
BIC: 044525225

For making bank transfers in USD

Beneficiary Bank:  SBERBANK
Beneficiary’s name:  OOO TREYS
Beneficiary’s account: 4070 2840 2380 0100 2516


Orders are processed only after successful payment. Ordered standards will be sent by email after processing of your order. Normally delivery period makes maximum 3-4 hours however it will never exceed 8 hours due to time difference. Standards will be sent by email entered during checkout/registration. Standards available in stock (with a delivery time of 1 business day) will be shipped within 24 hours. Out of stock items (with a delivery time of two and more business days) need to be translated within the delivery time specified for each standard individually. If two or more standards are ordered, the days required for their translation are summarized. As soon as the document gets translated, a link with download instructions will be e-mailed to you so that you can download it from the web or it will be sent to you by e-mail.


If you still have problems please contact us at any time.