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Information technology. Guidelines for the management of software documentation

Document status: Active

GOST R 56840-2015

Application of risk management for IT-networks incorporating medical devices. Part 2-3. Guidance for wireless networks

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO/IEC 7811-6-2003

Identification cards. Recording technique. Part 6. Magnetic stripe of high coercivity

Document status: Replaced by GOST R ISO/IEC 7811-6-2010

GOST R 54485-2011

Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment. Signalling on low-voltage electrical installations in the frequency range 3 kHz to 148,5 kHz. Part 2-1. Mains communications equipment and systems operating in the range of frequencies 95 kHz to 148,5 kHz intended for use in residential, commercial and light industrial environments. Immunity requirements and test methods

Document status: Active

GOST 23089.7-83

Integrated circuits. The measurement method of the power sources instability effect on the operational amplifiers zero drift voltage and emf

Document status: Active

GOST 11612.8-85

Photomultipliers. Measuring method of energy resolution

Document status: Active

GOST R 56413-2015

Information technology. European ICT professional profiles

Document status: Active

GOST R 57304-2016

Health informatics. Sharing of OID registry information

Document status: Active

GOST IEC 61000-6-3-2016

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Part 6-3. Generic standards. Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments

Document status: Active

GOST R 51725.9-2014

Catalogization of products for federal state needs. The order of fomentation and management of general part of the federal products catalogue

Document status: Active

GOST 25643-83

Photographic plates. Marking and packing

Document status: Active

GOST 10313-87

Still picture camera. Accessory shoes and accessory feet. Design

Document status: Active