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GOST R 56077-2014

Methods of aerodynamic tests of the elements of engineering equipments smoke protection of buildings

Document status: Active

GOST R 56620.2-2015

Ergonomics. Basic anthropometrical measurements for technical designing. Part 2. Statistical data of national populations

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 17493-2013

Occupational safety standards system. Clothing and equipment for protection against heat. Test method for convective heat resistance using a hot air circulating oven

Document status: Active

GOST R IEC 60601-1-2010

Medical electrical equipment. Part 1. General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

Document status: Active

GOST 31570-2012

Nickel-base alloy billets for orthopedic dentistry. General specifications

Document status: Active

GOST R 57525-2017

Clinical and economic analysis. General requirements

Document status: Accepted


Occupational safety standards system. Tractors and agricultural machines. Method of determining and microclimate at the operator's seat during the cold season

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 15537-2009

Ergonomics. Principles for selecting test persons for testing anthropometric aspects of industrial products and designs.

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 7206-2-2013

Implants for surgery. Partial and total hip joint prostheses. Part 2. Articulating surfaces made of metallic, ceramic and plastics materials

Document status: Active

GOST R 52040-2003

Ophthalmic implants. Intraocular lenses. Part 6. Shelf-life and transport stability

Document status: Cancelled

GOST 31512-2012

Medical monoplaced fixed barochambers. General technical requirements

Document status: Active

GOST 10188-74

Boxes filtering for protective masks and respirators. Method of determining resistance to constant air flow

Document status: Active