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GOST 23476-79

Tramway and trolleybus overhead trolley wire supporting devices. General specifications

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 3046-1-99

Reciprocating internal combustion engines. Performance. Part 1. Standard reference conditions, declarations of power fuel and lubricating oil consumptions. Test methods

Document status: Replaced by GOST R 52517-2005

GOST R 54350-2015

Light devices. Light requirements and test methods

Document status: Active

GOST 21991-89

Electrotechnical equipment. Standard directions of movement for actuators which control the operation of electrical apparatus

Document status: Active

GOST R IEC 61436-2004

Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes. Sealed nickel-metal hydride rechargeable single cells

Document status: Active

GOST 14794-79

Dry-type concrete current-limiting reactors. Specifications

Document status: Active

GOST 7012-77

Single-operator single-phase transformers for automatic submerged arc welding. General specifications

Document status: Active

GOST R ISO 6806-2017

Rubber hoses and hose assemblies for oil burners. Technical requirement

Document status: Accepted

GOST R 55617.1-2013

Renewable power engineering. Thermal solar systems and components. Solar collectors. Part 1. General requirements

Document status: Active

GOST R 51321.4-2011

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. Part 4. Particular requirements for assemblies for construction sites (ACS)

Document status: Active

GOST 24686-81

Equipment for manufacture of electronic and electric products. General technical requirements. Marking, packing, transportation and preservation

Document status: Active

GOST 28125-89

Primary cells and batteries. Principal parameters and dimensions

Document status: Withdrawn