Russian standards

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GOST R 50043.1-92

Connecting devices for low voltage circuits for household and similar purposes. Part 1. General requirements

Document status: Cancelled

GOST IEC 60884-2-7-2016

Electric plugs connectors for household and similar purposes. Part 2-7. Particular requirements for cord extension sets

Document status: Accepted

GOST 9506.7-74

Brushes for electrical machines. The method for determination of the commutator characteristics

Document status: Withdrawn

GOST 2824-86

Electrical insulation board. Specifications

Document status: Active

GOST 31540-2012

Electric generating plants with gasoline, diesel and gas internal combustion engines. Test methods

Document status: Active

GOST R IEC 60285-2002

Alkaline secondary cells batteries. Sealed nickel-cadmium cylindrical rechargeable single cells

Document status: Active

GOST IEC 60670-21-2013

Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations. Part 21. Particular requirements for boxes and enclosures with provision for suspension means

Document status: Active

GOST 27699-88

Uninterrupted power supply systems of a.c. receivers. General specifications

Document status: Active

GOST R 54429-2011

Symmetrical telecommunication cables for digital communication. General specification

Document status: Active

GOST R 54418.25.1-2013

Renewable power engineering. Wind power engineering. Wind turbines. Part 25-1. Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants. Overall description of principles and models

Document status: Active

GOST R IEC 60838-2-2-2011

Miscellaneous lampholders. Part 2-2. Particular requirements. Connectors for light emitting diode modules

Document status: Active

GOST 11326.17-79

Radio-frequency cable type PK 50-4-13. Specifications

Document status: Active